Paid Advertising for Drug Rehabs

Paid Media

Optimize Your Paid Media Campaign From Start to Finish

Precise Audience Targeting

Ensure your content is reaching the right audience. We partner closely with clients to outline ideal audience profiles, including demographics, interests, behaviors, and intent. You can be confident that your budget will be spent getting in front of the people who most need your services, while staying compliant with health regulations.

Optimized Ad Copy

Breaking through the crowded digital landscape requires captivating ad copy that speaks directly to your audience’s needs. With a deep understanding of rehab patients, we help ideate, draft, and refine copy for your ad content to resonate with prospects. We’ll iterate on proven concepts to ensure your message lands.

Data-Driven Enhancements

Campaign management requires a test-and-learn mentality. We leverage A/B testing to gauge effectiveness and track campaign outcomes at every stage of the funnel. This allows us to understand exactly what is and isn’t working. From there, we optimize our approach to generate the greatest return on investment.

Speak Directly to Your Target Audience

Paid search, also frequently called PPC advertising, is a powerful strategy for rehab facilities looking to generate greater brand visibility and site visitation. Place your brand at the top of the search engine page and become a trusted resource for those seeking assistance.

Get hyper-granular with who your content reaches precisely when they are actively searching for your specific treatment options. Track campaign performance and see how many qualified leads your ads generate. Adjust budgets, targeting, and messaging with data-driven insights to optimize results.

See fast results based on your unique campaign goals.

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Challenges of Paid Advertising in Healthcare

Healthcare advertising brings its challenges. The industry is growing increasingly crowded, and many brands are turning to digital advertising to break through the noise. This has raised the bar for facilities to stand out amid competition. Strict compliance regulations only compound the nuances of healthcare advertising.

With deep expertise in drug and alcohol treatment, our experts can help you navigate these challenges with confidence. We can offer the knowledge needed to most effectively reach your audience with impact.

average AOV increase
average ROAS after 4 months
average CPC decline after 4 months

Landing Page Development

We’ll deliver impactful landing page copy that ushers audiences effectively toward the action you hope to see from them as a result of your campaign.

We pride ourselves on compelling headlines, persuasive writing, and a clear call to action (CTA) — grounded in unique knowledge of rehab patient care. We intend to convert interest into tangible action so that you can connect with the audiences that need your services most.

Cross-Channel Delivery

Today, most campaigns don’t run on one single channel alone. The most effective campaigns capitalize on cross-channel synergies to ensure that your message is delivered across devices and when audiences seek it most.

We have proven experience supporting multi-channel campaigns, including paid search, paid social, and native ad networks. Our expertise in healthcare media allows us to uniquely tailor your brand’s message and offerings to each channel for the most effective delivery.

A/B Testing

To ensure you receive the best result over time, we apply a test-and-learn mentality. We leverage A/B Testing for ad copy, timing, media used, and CTAs to understand how consumers respond to different iterations and optimize the campaign for increased conversions.

With the media landscape changing rapidly, using A/B Testing allows you to stay on top of trends and deliver resonant content that meets audience needs and expectations.

Bid Strategy Management

Bidding strategies require a heavy hand, and knowing when not to bid is just as important as knowing when to bid.

We’ll partner with you to develop a goal-based strategy that delivers the outcomes you seek from your audience, but we’ll keep a close pulse on how your bids perform. This allows us to continuously iterate and optimize based on the results.

Our goal is to ensure that your budget is appropriately allocated as the healthcare media landscape shifts.

Ideal Campaign Outcomes

Our goal is to help you get the most bang for your buck. We bring this mindset into every step of the campaign process. We measure and track outcomes to understand your return on ad spend (RoAS) so that we optimize for it throughout the campaign.

Whether you’re simply building your brand or want to bring more customers further down the funnel, our expertise will ensure your investments are maximized.

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