Marketing Analytics for Drug Rehabs


Data Driven Insights Made Easy

Define KPIs

We’ll help you define KPIs to track each step of the conversion funnel. From impressions to clicks and purchases, we’ll guide you through each digital marketing data point, how it impacts your facility’s website, and which tools we’ll use to track it.

Measure Data

Our team of experts will set up digital marketing platforms on your site to measure your KPIs. Each tool is hand-selected for accuracy, and we’ll work with you to determine the tool that best fits your needs. Available tools include Google Analytics and other third-party platforms.

Report Insights

Develop reports that directly reflect your KPIs so you can quantify success and identify improvements. Our expert team members will guide you in translating the raw data from your tools into a detailed website traffic analysis that offers actionable and meaningful insights.

Create a Competitive Edge with Analytics

Data is more than just numbers. It’s the key to unlocking your digital marketing success. An end-to-end rehab marketing analytics strategy gives you a unique, in-depth understanding of customer behavior and actionable insights your team can leverage.

Using data as a guide, your team can define the most valuable KPIs for the strongest impact, creating a competitive advantage based on quantifiable factors. You’ll gain new insights into your audience, see what’s working, and how to maximize conversion rates.

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Analytics Implementation & Setup

The first step is choosing the right tool. Google Analytics is the industry standard for digital marketing and is widely used across all fields, making it the best choice for rehab marketing data insights. Its capabilities range from basic reports on KPIs and website traffic patterns to more detailed analyses of user behavior when you’re ready to maximize your rehab marketing ROI.

Leverage the expertise of a digital marketing professional to unlock the full power of your data with a trusted partner

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average increase in top 3 keyword rankings
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Analytics Implementation

The start of your analytics journey begins with implementation. With a trusted digital marketing expert, we’ll set you up for success from day one.

Using Google Analytics or another platform, your digital marketing platform can hit the ground running. Set up tags to track the performance of key terms, optimize for better conversion, and set your sights on the KPIs that matter most.

Conversion Tracking

Understand the customer journey through attribution and tracking to see how and where your visitors find you. When it comes to analytics for rehabs, this data is crucial to see what channels are most effective.

Using our conversion attribution — such as event tracking and multi-touch attribution — we’ll help you measure the efficacy of your marketing efforts. You can then make informed decisions on allocating resources to enhance marketing strategies and improve ROI.

Advanced UX Tracking

From design and content to functionality, UX tracking will empower you to optimize your site.

Our tools will help you monitor how your users interact with your website and how to enhance it for your conversion funnel. We’ll use click tracking and session replays to glean insights into how users experience your site, then help you identify and resolve any issues that prevent visitors from choosing your services.

A/B Testing

Get measurable insights into what works and what doesn’t with A/B testing. Instead of relying on intuition or guesswork, you can track page performance directly against your KPIs.

A/B testing reduces the risks of making a change that could negatively impact site performance. By using two versions of the same page, you can analyze and compare conversion rates and engagement before making final changes.

Monthly Reporting

A rehab marketing analytics plan wouldn’t be complete without reporting. Show how your marketing projects influence conversion rates to create buy-in and update stakeholders.

Using your KPIs as a guide, we’ll help you develop in-depth reports that provide transparency and offer actionable insights for your team members. You can then measure performance, make informed decisions, and demonstrate value across departments to prove your rehab marketing ROI.

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